Mayor – Clair Betzko
740-495-5097 ext. 3

Chief of Police – Christopher Mosley                                                                    740-495-5097 ext. 6

Village Administrator – Christopher Mosley                                                      740-495-5097 ext. 4

Fiscal Officer – Mavis Yourchuck                                                                            740-495-5097 ext. 1

Utility Billing Clerk – Stephanie Mason                                                                    740-495-5097 ext. 5

Clerk of Court – Stephanie Mason                                                                          740-495-5097 ext. 2

Licensed Water Waste Treatment Plant Operator

Randy Brisette Licensed Operator
Utility Operators-
Craig Smith
Patrick Betzko

Council Members

Greg Shaw
Danny Kirkpatrick
Amy Hupp
Jackie Gullette
Vivian Wood
Jimmy Thompson

Police Department

Chief Christopher Mosley (Intern)
Sgt. John Koeppel
Officer Cody Powell                                                                                                  Officer Jason Lane                                                                                                      Officer Cheyenne Rinehart

Auxiliary Officers                                            

Officer Alex Chhuom
Officer Donnie Wilson

Officer Brian Burifield                                                                                                                                          Officer Timothy Hunter

Officer Michael Tabor                                                                                                                                            Chaplain Jeff Wilson


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