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NHPD 2017 Metrics

Traffic and other offenses

The New Holland Police Department released their 2017 enforcement metrics. New Holland Police Chief Lawless said, “This department wrote a total of 479 traffic citations for the year. Compare that to the South Bloomfield Police Department, a similarly sized village, that wrote 1,100.” He added, “We have clear speed signs coming in from both directions on 22 announcing the speed limit, and there are a couple of signs at those entrances warning that we do enforce traffic laws in the village. Between the signs and our enforcement policies, we feel we provide safe roadways for our families and other citizens while traveling within the village.”

In addition to traffic violations, the NHDP made 108 arrests, including multiple drug related arrests and a bank robber apprehended by Chief Lawless himself. The bank robber was later found guilty and sentenced to prison for the crime.

Lawless said, “In the beginning the department was very active due to drug related issues.” He added that things have slowed down since then due to the police presence. “We aren’t seeing people move into the village to sell drugs just because there’s no police force here. In fact, we’re seeing some suspected traffickers move out after a few key arrests,” Lawless clarified. He said some are no longer in the village because they were prosecuted for drug offenses and are serving their time.

Drugs pulled off the street in the last year

2017 Stats:

Speeding tickets:

0-9 over- 38
10-14 over- 145
15-19 over- 58
20-24 over- 16
25-29 over- 2
30 over- 1

Other traffic tickets:

No Operators license- 44
Driving Under Suspension- 23
Traffic control devices- 22
No license plates- 28
Unsafe Vehicles- 7
Seatbelt- 1
Reckless Operations- 1
Expired Tags- 18
Left of Center- 9
Assured Clear Distance- 1
Lights Requires- 28
Improper use of non-commercial- 3
Ficticious tags- 3
Failure to display- 4
OVI- 1
Passing on the right- 1
Fail to signal- 8
Physical Control- 4
Right away public safety- 2
Unauthorized use of plates- 2
Failure to comply- 2
Obstructed plates- 2
Child restraint- 1
Following to close- 1

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